Postman now supports Web Sockets! Let’s see what we can do with Discord’s WebSocket Gateway.

Discord Gateway using Postman WebSockets
Discord Gateway using Postman WebSockets

Postman released the ability to communicate with servers using WebSockets. Diversifying the types of services it can connect to and taking a big step in interacting with event-driven architecture. WebSockets are for real-time communication(RTC) rather than a regular REST API endpoint.

REST APIs are great for updating and retrieving data from a database or interacting with services through forms or page elements. But WebSockets give you the ability to have chat apps and stream real-time data with the guarantees of the HTTP protocol.

To make…

Postman collection to connect two APIS and send a list of Dropbox folder members reminders to sign documents

Awhile back I was a guest on the Postman web stream along with Marcel Ribas from Dropbox. Our task was to build something live using the Dropbox and HelloSign APIs. So obviously, me being me, we set out to create a bot.

Dropbox acquired HelloSign but their products, and their APIs, are not integrated with each other yet, so the sky was the limit on what functionality we wanted to create.

I like to think about a high-level user perspective, so in…

A list of great web development links to help you learn!

If you see this article, you probably asked me: How do I get started with coding? This is great! I’m happy to help people learn, but as you can probably see, I get these types of questions all the time! So here’s a resource you can keep going back to instead of digging through DMs.

First, let me say I am a project learner, so I learn by choosing a project and deep diving. But not everyone has a specific goal besides learning or being a bit curious about…

How to get started with personal finance. Taking control of your financial situation before problems arise using technology and infrastructure already built to help you succeed.

Okay, so I am not a millionaire. But I grew up poor — single-mother-who never-made-even-more-than-$8,000-a-year poor. When I graduated college to work in the inflated salaries of Silicon Valley, I didn’t get excited. I got scared!

I panicked if I was going to waste this money. I spent the next few years absorbing as much as I could about personal finance. Many of the books people recommend had good concepts, but the advice was…

Here is some beginner-friendly intro into getting into ketosis. I started keto, and I wanted to leave some tips, tricks, and general knowledge on starting keto.

While reaching for a donut from the couch during another shelter-in-place night, a realization swept across me: my bad food habits went further back than the pandemic, tracing back to college where I left High school track practice for keg stands and cheap late-night pizza.

The fear intensified when two of my Uncles died from sudden heart attacks. …

Create easy, fast, and low-code serverless Discord Automation Bots using Postman.

I will be demonstrating how to create a Discord bot using Postman without having to code an entire server. The collection I will be using chooses, or “sacrifices”, a random user from the daily activity list and posts a message tagging them. This bot is used to generate discussion and keep people engaged. This can easily be edited to create any type of scheduled messaging bot.

There are a few different ways to do this in Discord. But the easiest is to create a Discord Webhook to message to a channel and then send our message to the specific channel’s…

Keep the S3 bucket private and place it behind a CDN while also routing the apex domain to a www subdomain

When you go to most websites you can probably notice two things, the site usually redirects to HTTPS and it usually redirects to the WWW subdomain. Whether you type in the naked domain (the apex domain) or not. The reasons to do so are long but mostly for SEO and professional expectations, here’s a shortlist of good reasons.

Another thing, I’ll point out that bugs me is when people use AWS S3 for hosting, which sets their S3 bucket to public. I know this is an offered feature but your one misconfiguration mishap from a hacker is defacing your site.

Push to S3 and invalidate Cloudfront with every merge

I am a sucker for CI/CD pipelines. I pretty much build those out before I build any other project, to be honest. Ever since Github came out with workflow and actions I have been all over it!

Instead of relying on some online rando’s actions, I went straight to the source. AWS created and support their own Github actions. AND on top of that, Github actually comes pre-installed with AWS CLI now.

I just wanted to simply update an S3 bucket and invalidate my Cloudfront for the bucket.

First, we configure our credentials using the Github Action provided by AWS…

Syncing Dropbox and Cloudinary using Postman

A single company can have many different versions of product snapshots across several organizations; customer support, sales, technical documentation, marketing, customer success, etc. This can break brand alignment. When everyone has their own copy of how to do something can be confusing to customers as they talk across organizations and ultimately lead to frustration.

At my current company, I wanted to synchronize the images and maintain them across organizations. The screenshots being used by customer support should also be the same ones used by technical documentation. …

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